Features overview

Features Overview

We At DotNet Magazine Ltd are Proud of the service we deliver, Regardless of how small or large your project is we expect to deliver nothing less 100% successful rate. With all our feature and Service we aim to deliver. 


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We understand the level of work that is required to manage IT infrastructure, We believe in elevating this aspect of responsibility will to leave yourself room to concentrate on important task to continue growing your business.  We at Dotnet Magazine thrive on supporting Small business as well large companies succeeding in all forms

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Data centre Migration & DECOMMISSION 2

Dotnet Magazine Ltd undestand that although the decommissioning cables can be huge impact on productivity within running a business and staff,  We at DotNet Magazine ltd take a huge pride in not only producing an excellent service.


IT Infrastructure Rollout Migration 3

Our Qualified and Experienced Engineer are more then capable of support windows 7 through 10. We believe that with experience as well knowledge we as collective team are more then able to sustain viable working relationship in terms of support all your needs